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Frequently Asked Questions

What age is Body Casting suitable for?

Life casting suits all ages, from newborn to adults of all ages.

Is it safe for my sensitive skin?

Yes the products/materials used are hypo-allergenic and natural. They are all widely tested and are completely safe even for the most sensitive skin. Patch tests are always available.

How long does it take?

For babies each casting takes around 1 minute from start to finish, from age 12 months and up roughly 5 minutes.

For the larger casts such as the family linked arms, this takes slightly longer and is roughly a 20 minute process. This is more suitable for children over 3 years.

How do I keep my child still?

The simple answer is you don’t have to and that’s ok! It’s absolutely fine for your little one to wiggle around in the mixture as it’s a funny looking and a different texture! As long as hands or feet are fully submerged into the mould we are good to go!

When will my casting be ready?

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your finished piece to be ready for you.

How can I display my casting?

There are various options available.

For babies you can have your beautiful bespoke casting displayed in a luxury box frame, which can either be single or with added photo (supplied by yourself), or on a wooden plinth or free standing (most suitable for single hand casts).

Frames are suitable for any age.

Family castings can either be framed (all ages) or on a wooden plinth. For the linked arms cast, metal hoops are embedded so they can also be hung on your wall.

All other casts are free standing or displayed on wooden plinths.

What type of clothing do I need to wear?

We are as careful as we can be, however drips do happen! The alginate peels off with no damage at all to clothing, however it is best not to wear your new designer jeans!!

For baby castings its best not to wear tight socks as these can leave imprints which will show up in the cast. Vests are always a good choice, and the studio is always warm.

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