Life Casting to Suit all Ages – All materials completely natural and safe

Life casting suits all ages, from newborns to adults. We want you to be relaxed and at your ease which is why all of our products and materials are hypo-allergenic and completely natural. They are all widely tested and completely safe even for the most sensitive skin. For babies each casting takes only 1 minute from start to finish whilst from age 12 months and up, it will be roughly 5 minutes. For larger casts such as family linked arms, it takes slightly longer but is still only a 20 minute process. This is more suitable for children over 3 years. Overall, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks for your finished cast to be ready for you. As an optional extra we can capture the casting experience in photographs as we are going through the process and put a scrapbook together for you to remember the experience. To display your casting we also have a range of exquisitely-made plinths and frames available to make capturing the moment even more special. All of the prices we quote are for casts finished in white but we can also offer finishes in gold (bronze) and silver (pewter) at an additional cost. Please ask for further details. Another fantastic option casting provides is to capture wedding/engagement rings. Rings look stunning in casts and details are captured perfectly which makes it a great way to commemorate those special moments in your life. We can additionally paint over the band in our silver or gold and add a small gem to it for that special, finishing touch. As this is a more delicate procedure there will be an additional cost – please contact us for details.

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The Casting Process

A quick, simple way to treasure memories forever

The process of getting a cast made is actually very simple. Once you have decided on the cast you would like, we will talk you through the process, making sure all of your questions are answered. We will discuss different positioning options so you get the best result possible. When everything is ready, we’ll mix up our alginate powder with water to form a thick liquid. The alginate we use is made from seaweed and is hypo-allergenic, making it safe to use on even the most sensitive skin. Our alginate does not heat up when it is setting. Depending on the cast you are having done, you will either put your hands (or baby hands or feet) into the alginate, or we will pour it over and wait for the alginate to set. This gives us a mould of your body part, capturing every aspect of your skin texture, wrinkles, lines and even fingerprints. In other words, an exact replica of you! Although the actual process of taking the mould only takes approximately 10 – 20 mins, we recommend 45 mins for your appointment so we have plenty of time to discuss what you would like and never rush you. Now that your part is complete, we take over to produce an amazing piece of work for you to treasure forever.

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Mobile Service

Casting in the comfort of your home

As a fellow mum, Lee appreciates how difficult it can be to get to an appointment at a given time with a newborn or toddler. Let us take away that stress for you by coming out to you and delivering our service in the comfort of your own home. Children often feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own homely surroundings which makes the process of casting simpler for all those involved as we may need to take casts of either their feet or hands. As part of the home call, we will need access to hot and cold water and power as well as a small area to mix the alginate in (kitchen is fine!). Very little mess is made but we do always clean up after ourselves when the process is complete. The appointment will only take from 45mins – 1hr. Our exclusive mobile availability is limited so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to take advantage. We offer this service free of charge if you are within a 5 mile radius of our base in Denny, Falkirk. If you are outwith this area there is no need to worry as we will discuss everything with you at the time of booking.

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