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About Forever Casting Studio

A Family Run Business

About Us

Started up in 2017, Forever Casting Studio is a family run studio all about offering body casts for all ages to celebrate all occasions. The story and inspiration behind Forever Casting Studio is a very personal one that led to the business originally being set up by Lee McGinnis. In 2015, Lee’s mother, and her best friend, was tragically diagnosed with a terminal illness which shattered their loved ones to the core. Many beautiful photos were taken to treasure her mother’s final months but unfortunately a local casting service couldn’t be found because her illness prevented her from traveling far.

After her mother sadly passed away in July 2016, leaving the biggest hole in their lives, Lee got to thinking how much she would have loved a cast taken with her mother before the passing and also about how much other people would appreciate this kind of service too. Research led them to the world renowned Edinburgh Casting Studio who offered first class training on all aspects of casting as well as how to run your own successful business. It didn’t take them long to sign up; so Forever Casting Studio was born!

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Forever Casting Studio

Simple and Comfortable Process

Friendly, caring and experienced casters

We also work closely with local hospices, schools, nurseries and baby groups, have extensive experience working with babies and young children. There is no need to worry them as our friendly, caring and experienced casters are great at what they do and will put you and your child at ease during the casting process. We endeavour to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible which is why there is no need for your child to remain completely still during the casting as long as their hands and feet are submerged. Life casting is suitable for all ages, from newborns to adults which is why it is perfect for capturing the passing of time and why your casting wish is our goal to achieve.

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